Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Another super busy week. Monday I was able to see Elder McCusker!!!!. He came down with a missionary that has been having some back problems so that the mission doctor could see him.

We went to TGI Fridays with all the other elders for lunch. We had a great time. Later that afternoon we left to the south of the mission to be able to work with there  We arrived to Chañaral that night and then slept there and that next day we worked with them.

That next morning we spent some time helping some missionaries who are struggling a little bit the best lesson that we had was to a youth that just submitted his mission papers. He was inactive But some missionaries about 5 months ago were able to help him reactivate. The young man wanted us to explain how to use preach my gospel and so we got there and we began to talk and teach a little bit about preach my gospel. However while we were teaching I could tell that something wasn't just right.

We finished the introduction from preach my gospel and I started to ask him some questions about why he wanted to serve a mission and if there were changes that he had to make in his life. We turned to Enos and shared about how Enos also had a change of heart and felt the power of the Atonement and then love for those who surrounded him. The young man began to say that he had felt this before, but he hasn't felt it for quite a while and that lately he had been doubting his testimony and if he even wanted to do this and many other doubts he was having. 

We had found his need. We then turned to 2 Nephi and talked about opposition and how we face it especially before great things are about to happen. As we continued to teach a strong spirit filled the room and his countenance  changed. We returned back to Enos. The spirit was powerful. As we continued to talk he said that he was again feeling the spirit and love for others and that he knew that this was what he needed to do. It was a powerful lesson. I am so grateful for the spirit that led us in the direction and helped us recognize what this young man needed. The rest of the night we taught some progressing investigators who are preparing towards baptism. It was a great exchange. 

The next day we went took a bus to Copiapo and it was awesome. It is super green there!!!! There are 2 zones there so we stayed there for 2 days. I also had some great exchanges there. The last day we were in Vallenar which is the city furthest south in the mission. It is even more green there than Copiapo. But overall through the week we had some great exchanges. I was able to observe and see how things are in different zones and notice some of the necessities and things to improve upon. 

This week we have 2 general authorities coming to the mission. We have Elder Soares from the presidency of the seventy and then Elder Ceballos from the presidency of the area south america south. They are going to be here to interview an area authority and so while they are here they are going to speak to some of the missionaries. Only the zones from Antofagasta and Calama are going to be able to attend because the mission boundaries are so large. But I am super excited to be able to hear from these special witnesses of the savior and to be able to hear what counsel they will give to the mission. 

I hope that each one of you is well. Life is great!!. There are many things that pass by us each day that are waiting to be noticed that will increase our gratitude and our joy.

Our happiness in life isn't determined by the big events, but the small opportunities each day to laugh, smile and express gratitude. We just have to work each day to recognize them. I love you each one of you. You are all so important in my life. Keep working hard and doing your best.   

Elder Newman

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