Monday, February 3, 2014


Well i had another great week out here in the desert! Another fast week ha ha as always. On Monday night we had a missionary who was coming home a couple weeks early for school and there was a sister missionary who had got there that day and so we had a little dinner thing at the mission home and then in the night there was a testimony meeting with the elder and my comp and I with the Dalton's. It was my companions trainer and it was a great testimony meeting I learned a lot. On Tuesday morning we dropped him off at the airport and then we worked in our sector that afternoon. Pretty much the whole week we were able to work in our own sector. 

This past week we had some of our training meetings this week with the zones in Antofagasta. It was great and I am excited to see the results of this technique that president has taught us to find more people to teach through the members. It is fun to see some of the sectors progress and to see the work hasten. We have some stud missionaries. We are very blessed. 

In our own sector we are still working with those 2 families. They are continuing to progress. We are working on helping them being converted to the gospel so that they can make some changes in their lives and get married and then be baptized. The whole family came to church today, and Luis shared his testimony. Yesterday being our P-day we had a small bbq with our investigators and it was awesome to be able to get out with them and have a good time. In the morning yesterday we also we played some futbol and basketball with a few members of the ward and an investigator. 

This last week I was reading in the scriptures and I am right now in Alma while reading the Book of Mormon. I have been reading about Captain Moroni and as I read through and analyzed the chapters I was amazed at the quality of leader that Moroni was. He was a leader who inspired his followers. He was aware of each one of his soldiers and knew them and was worried for their well being. He was one who always stood up for what is right, and had his standards and the standards of the people displayed everywhere. He was a leader who understood the importance of priesthood keys and leaders and he followed and looked for their counsel. He was a leader who feared more what God thought of him than what his fellowmen thought of him. He was a leader that always influenced others for good and influenced them unto the Savior. There are many more things that I saw and I was amazed as I really began to understand the class of a leader that Captain Moroni was. There are many principles in those chapters that we can learn of. 

This week we are going to be travelling quite a bit. We are going to Calama tomorrow and then on Wednesday we will head up to Iquique and work with them and another city right next to them. It will be great. I know this work is true. I know that the Savior lives. There is no greater joy that can come than being obedient to the commandments of the Savior and then bringing souls unto Him. 
Have a great week!

Elder Newman