Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Whats up my beloved family!! Can you believe that it is almost Christmas??! Sounds like you all are doing so well! I can't believe how fast the time goes by! Wow this has probably been one of the craziest weeks of my whole mission!

To begin it has been so hot! The sun is so stinking strong up here and I am always sweating like a dog and I am always soosooosoososossos thirsty! Haha you all know me! I drink and drink and drink. This week in Zapahuira we worked like dogs. We found 15 new investigators and we are just working so hard to try and get a baptism by the end of this month. 

Wednesday we had a zone conference. Man it was so incredible. I received so many answers to my prayers. President Bruce is so inspired! Honestly I am so amazed, the things that he said I swear were just for me! The best part was he had not even planned to go over to a certain set of scriptures to share and he felt inspired to do so. It was such a wonderful spiritual experience and man it was strong. As a mission we are very close to hitting 1000 baptisms this year and we need to pull through! We had a great lunch with a type of Chilean taco it was really good. Sister Bruce came and sat next to me and I got to talk to her for a while. She is super nice and wonderful and it was cool to get to know her a bit more.  Honestly they are so amazing I am so sad that I only get to have them till July  During the lunch break we played a little game. Every missionary had to buy a small gift worth 6 bucks and then we wrapped it and played the present pass along game with the story when someone reads a story. The two pass along words were Christmas and baptisms. It was so awesome! 

During the conference president asked me if I had my ankles taped and was ready to teach someone how to be a missionary. He told me I was going to be training next transfer. After Zone conference some of the elders from the office brought over new beds and a closet that we needed to set up in the pension. That night Elder Todd and I were up till 3 am finishing everything  We were absolutely wasted with all of the spiritual, physical and mental energy that we had lost. 

Friday afternoon the assistants came with us to do exchanges. I was with elder ceballos who is a complete stud. It was so much fun to go and talk to him and I was able to ask him for advice and we had a great time. He had previously served in Zapahuira for 6 months so he helped me know more of the members who give references and we found a less active who has 4 kids who are not baptized it was awesome! He was completely inspired to go there and we went to the house of the lady and Elder ceballos asked her if she had been praying for help and she said that she had recently. It was awesome. We finished the exchange with a inventory of the day and a review. He told me that I am doing very well in the and that I am going to be a great leader in this mission. He told me that president Bruce has a lot of trust in me and expects a lot of me and says that i am going to be one of the future studs of the mission. It was awesome, I look up to elder ceballos a lot he is an amazing teacher, and i hope to be able to be a missionary like him. He is truly a Christ like servant. 

Saturday we worked all day long and did really well. We found a great family who will progress and we had a great first lesson with them. The spirit was strong. But Saturday night we had to take elder Todd to the bus terminal because he finished his mission. It was really weird to see someone leave. Oh yeah Saturday during the day one of the water cord/pipes broke so we couldn't shower for 2 days! It was awful. But this morning we went and bought the pipe and i took a nice cold shower and ohhhh it felt so good. 

Anyways so because there is a group going home for Christmas there are these special transfers. So we didn't think that anything was really going to happen to us. But then elder ceballos calls me and says elder we have a cambio for you. I was like noooo way don't take me from Arica. He then says we are now going to close zapahuira B. And you are going to finish training Elder Sunderland. I was so shocked! So now I am senior comp and finishing the training of Elder Sunderland Elder todds kid. Then he was like oh yeah I have one more surprise for ya, you are also going to be district leader. I was so shocked. So now I am moved to the ward of pukarani which is a lot like the barrio lynch. it has a assistance of 50 or so and I have got a lot of work to here.   I am so excited for this new ward. We are going to work our tails off! Yahoo!! I think that I am probably going to finish his training and then train another new missionary in January. 

Last night we got straight to work in the new ward and we taught a less active family and they have a friend who is an investigator who lives with them. He is progressing and we had a great lesson about the restoration. He accepted the challenge to be baptized.

Elder Tymczyczyn just emailed me and told me that the ward in lynch is doing extremely well. I am so happy to hear that. He told me that one of the family´s that we reactivated Vicente and Francisca, That vicente just got called as the ward mission leader and is going awesome. Also I don't know if you remember monserat. She is the daughter of Rodrigo the less active that we reactivated. Anyways they are doing so well. And after we had baptized monserat the 9 year old, she doesn't know how to read. And I promised her in the name of Jesus Christ that is she would try to read the book of Mormon that she would learn. Elder Tym just shot me an email and said that she can now read. Hahah sick right! Haha anyway family I love this so much! Maybe I'm never coming home! Haha jk but this is awesome! I love my savior Jesus Christ so much. My heavenly father is blessing me so much! This work is real! It is incredible! Have such a great week! I will email on the 24th and then we will Skype on Christmas! Yahooo!!!

Elder Newman

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