Thursday, October 17, 2013


Wow it looks like Boston was a blast! No comment about the Boston hoodies. Haha dad I am proud of you. It sounds like your Yankee shirt brought a little bit of the curse of the bambino back into Fenway haha. Haha just kidding but i am glad that you guys had a great time, Fenway Park looks really cool. I definitely want to go there someday to check it out. I am sure that you all had a great time spending time together and getting to see the grand kids. Crazy to think that i still haven't met some of them. 

Well another great week come and gone. On Tuesday of this week we had our zone training meeting for Calama. It went really well and the missionaries left pumped to go work. The boards went well ha ha there were a couple hard ones in the batch, last time was better but in the end everyone broke their board. In the meeting we talked about several thing but one of the things that i really tried to help them understand was the importance of love and Charity. I love doing things like this. I love working with a group of people and striving to motivate and inspire them to do their best and achieve their potential. It is truly one of my passions. On Thursday we got up early that morning and we took a 2.5 hour bus ride to Tocopilla to do the meeting there. It also went really well, and we stayed there till the next day doing exchanges. We had some great exchanges and the elders and sisters are doing great work in Tocopilla. A new branch president just got called there and he is a awesome. The work is really going to kick up and I know that with time president Dalton wants to open up another branch down there and then create a district. 

Friday night we had a Family Home Evening with Alina and her family. She brought over a friend of her son and his mom and we ended up watching Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration. The movie was powerful and it was a great night. The investigators names are Ingrid and Joseph. They came to church yesterday and loved it. We had a great day in church yesterday. The ward attendance jumped up to 112 and as 3 companionship's in the ward we had 10 people there. It was awesome the Lord is blessing us so very much and the zone is also doing incredibly well. 

Last night we met with the Stake President and he asked me to play the piano for stake conference this weekend. We also may do a musical number Elder McCusker, Elder Wegner, and I. Anyways this is the last week of the transfer. Ha ha alright this time we are quite certain that one of us will be leaving. I believe that it will be Elder Mccusker. We have interviews on Saturday, and then that night they will call us for transfers. It will be sad to not be with Elder McCusker but that is life. 

I am doing awesome and am loving every minute. We are doing great up here in Calama and I hope that each one of you are doing well. Have a great week!!

Elder Newman

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