Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Newman Family, 

Well here I am writing from downtown Antofagasta!  So we have another girl in the family! Wow! Congratulations to Nate and Lindsey. I don't know what I'm going to do when I get back and all of these little girls are going to want to play barbies instead of boys playing baseball. I guess the Newman days of 10 baseball games a week is now going to change into 10 dance recitals a month. Ha ha.

This place is quite the big city. Monday after we emailed we were in the biggest rush. We were running from place to place trying to get everything done that we needed to. When i got to the bus terminal Francisco and his whole family were there. They were really crushed that i was leaving. Poor little Francisco was crying, but i talked to him and the family on Saturday night on the phone and they were all doing really well. Elder Stratford baptized Him and the family is so very happy and doing well. Our two other investigators that we left will get baptized on the 13th. 

Tuesday morning I got here to Antofagasta. My companion is Elder Sylvester. He was trained by one of my buddies Elder Congleton and is from San Antonio, Texas. He is a huge spurs fan. He went to BYU before the mission at the same time while I was there and we get along quite well.  Elder Sylvester played sports in high school and likes a variety of things. 

This past week all we did was look for new investigators and new people to teach. This sector is the second biggest sector in the entire misson. It is absolutely huge. I have never seen a sector so big. So we do walk a lot. But there are some parts in the sector that we do not even go because it requires to take a bus to get there and it is the rich part. The challenge that we are facing right now is increasing our teaching pool. They had a few investigators one that may get baptized on the 13th, but the rest we are recreating and looking for new ideas. This sector is known as one of the "tough" sectors in the mission but I am bound to change that belief. We are looking to baptize 2 this next month. The sector is actually quite green, I am very surprised about the amount of green that is in this sector. It is even more green than arica. You can look at it on google earth. Look for the street Angamos and then look for the Stadium in Antofagasta and everything south of the stadium is our area. We have met some family's who are super nice. And holy smokes.. Some of these houses are Massive! We eat lunch with members on Saturdays and Sundays so we get fed really well. The Stadium is right on the edge of our sector and Sunday there was a big game between Antofagasta and another team and we could hear the stadium erupt when something happened. 

This zone needs some help. Needs some reconstruction.  The last few months the zone has put goals and has not completed them, the month before they only completed 50 percent of their goal. Working with 8 hermanas is pretty crazy but good. They like to talk a lot on the phone ha ha and after talking with 4 sectors and 10 minutes each my brain is about to turn into gloop. 

Saturday we found a investigator in the street and we invited her to church. She said that she would come and then we went Sunday morning and when we got there she was waiting ready to go. It was a huge blessing. There are a bunch of military who are housed in a area and so we have been looking over there too. There is this massive hotel casino thing in our sector next to some ruins and a lot of people work in it. Sunday in church i met this couple named the Deans. They are from Denver Colorado and are American. The Husband works in accounting for some company down here and just makes bank and the wife is here along for the journey. As i told them where I was from she asked me if i knew the Hubert family. Ha ha i laughed and we talked about the connection a little bit. Crazy how small the world is right? You will have to tell the Hubert family in our stake that I met the dean family. Anyways sister dean is going to the states this Friday to visit her kids and asked us what stuff we would like from the states and just told us to write it down. Ha ha how crazy!

Our pension is pretty good. We saw this massive spider in it the other day. It was pretty creepy. Speaking of spiders the other day we were coming back down from an appointment and then i look down on my shirt and there was this massive spider on my shirt! It was huge! I flicked him off and he left a mark of brown stuff in my shirt. Dang spiders. 

As a mission right now we are reading the book of mormon together in 1 month. It requires a lot of time and we have to read about 20 pages a day, but it is awesome I love it. I am learning great things. I am excited for this coming week of conference it will be great. Anyways thank you all for your support! I love you all so much! I will get you an address of our pension next week and send some sweet pictures! 

Elder Newman

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