Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Thank you for your letters. It sounds like you are all having a great time. I know you are doing great work at home. Have a good time at Prom Alyssa! I am sure that you will. It is hard to believe that the school year is finishing up there that is so crazy. From the picture of the house you sent me it looks like the grass is really green! Also the tree in the front yard looks really pretty. It is crazy that it is getting warm up there and colder down here. The season difference and time difference always gets me mixed up ha ha i forget that we are in different seasons. 

We are now entering the last week of this transfer. I cannot believe the speed of this transfer. I do not like how everything gets faster. The weeks pass by faster and faster and the transfer feels like it has been 2 weeks long. It just flies by.

On Wednesday we had interviews and they went so well.There was a group that went in the morning and the afternoon.  We were there in the afternoon group and this time they were in the mission office instead of at a church. So we got to have the interviews in president's office. But he told me that he is hardly ever there though because he always travelling around doing stuff for the mission. But anyways usually interviews are 10 minutes long so they are really short. Sister Bruce has a little timer she does and acts like the secretary of a bishop knocking the door when the time is up. But while I was there I heard president Bruce tell sister Bruce to put me as the last interview. I got about 20 minutes ha ha.  

While other missionaries were in the interviews we played preach my gospel jeopardy. Ha ha it was good. All the questions were from Preach my gospel. My interview went so well. Whenever I leave interviews I just feel so good and happy, I am really going to miss President Bruce. He gave me some great counsel and also told me I would be leaving this transfer to be a zone leader. He said he didn't know where he was going to send me yet but he said that he wanted to get me and another elder or two in some of his zone councils so that he can teach us some more things before he leaves. I am really excited.  I am trying to finish up well here in Angamos. So this will probably be my last week here in Angamos, I cannot believe how fast it has gone and how short of time i have here.

Our investigator Mariluz will be baptized this Saturday the 4th. She is doing really well, and i am confident that everything will work out. But the adversary always tries to do anything he can to keep the people from being baptized and receiving the holy ghost. She is about 34 years old and she was born catholic and than later a evangelical so she has been learning a lot and also about the culture of the church and how things work. But she loves the church so much and just tells us she feels so good every time she comes to church and she says she is so happy. Right now we are tyring to find the other investigator who can progress towards baptism. We haven't found the one that we need but this week we will dedicate most all of our time to finding finding finding. 

Yesterday we ate dinner with the American family from Denver. Their daughter who just finished winter semester at byu came down to visit for a couple of weeks. The dad has a accounting degree and works for a mine company and manages all products and finance. They will return back to the united states in just over a year when his contract is finished. They were really nice and it was cool to talk to an american family. Apparently this isn't their first time in Antofagasta and they had come when their kids were really young. Ha ha i am not sure i would ever come here to live but apparently they came for the job. We ate a type of steak, chicken, and chorizo, potato salad, grilled onions, and a cheesecake. All of it was really tasty and i enjoyed it a lot!  

I love you all so much and hope all is going well! I am happy to be here in Antofagasta and I am enjoying every second of being here. I love the Lord and am grateful to be in doing this amazing work! As i finished the book of Mormon this month i am amazed by how much more i learn every time that i read it. That book has had such a profound impact in my life and i am certain that it will continue to be an important part of my life forever. I hope all is well up there in good ol Alpine and that you are all in good spirits! Keep a smile on whatever you do! And don't take any wooden nickels for pay cause then you'll get slivers in your fingers! hahahaha

Elder Newman

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