Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1,2013


We had a great week as a mission this past week. History was made!!!!

This week was super busy. Elder McCusker and I were all over Calama trying to help other sectors finish up the work that we needed to do to finish for the end of the month and to complete our goal.

Tuesday we had our district meetings, we had another inspirational meeting with the zone to finish up June. It went really well. The zone left very motivated and excited. We saw many miracles throughout the week and we ended up baptizing 19 here in Calama.

As for the mission we broke the following records in Chile. Baptisms in a week, in a month, and in the first 6 months. We finished up with 161 baptisms this week and 689 in these first 6 months. We are so happy we completed and passed our goals! :) 

I know that President Bruce is really happy. That man has done great work here in the north or Chile. Not only here in the cities, but in the lives of every missionary that has passed through this mission. He left on Friday. We talked to him on Thursday on the phone a little bit. He said that he was so proud of us and that President Dalton is going to expect a lot out of Elder McCusker and I.

I am so grateful to have come to this mission and to have had the privilege to serve here among such greatness. By the end of the week Elder McCusker and I were so tired. Running all over the place getting up at 4 am to go fill baptismal fonts, etc. Many many sacrifices, however sacrifice is what brings the blessing of heaven. 

We have started cooking for ourselves now. I have been making some pretty good food. I am going to make some more taco soup, burgers and pastas and stuff like that. We are possibly going to change apartments. There is an apartment that a member in our ward has that is much closer to our area so we don't have to walk for so long to just get to our sector. We will see what happens. The weather has gotten pretty cold during the night. 

Last night we met with the stake president and talked a lot about how we want the work to hasten here in calama and what we can do both as members and missionaries to unite and help improve the work in every aspect. It was a great meeting and i believe that it was a meeting that was inspired that will help the work a lot here in calama.

President Dalton got here on Friday. However tomorrow we have our mission leadership meeting and so we will be travelling down to Antofagasta tomorrow to be able to meet with all of the zone leaders and him. I have heard that he is great! I am excited to be able to get to know him and to be able to learn from him and work with him. 

I am doing really well! We weren't able to work a lot in our sector this week  because of all the other things that we had to do! But we had a great week! We are still working with both families and are hoping/praying that they will receive answers so that they can take a step forward in the right direction. 

I am super excited to get to meet President Dalton! I hope that you are all enjoying your summer!

Elder Newman

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