Monday, January 14, 2013

WHATS UP MY FAMILY! I hope that you are all doing so great! Holy smokes Alyssa you are just a dancing fool! Don´t dance yourself to death girl take a pit stop! Sheesh hope that you are doing all right! Man it sounds like you are all freezing your tootsies off up there and I am burning down here! The sun is soooooo sooo soo stong here. It is crazy. I have started to now put sunscreen on my arms now instead of just my face cause it worries me how much the people tell us to put on sunscreen. Like every person tells us put on bloqueador 50 times a day. But man.. It is hot! I am definitely in the driest desert in the stinking world. I wish you guys could just see this place you would all die. 

Wow. Where to begin with this week. I keep saying that the weeks keep getting more and more successful. But they do and I do not understand why we are receiving such blessings from the Lord up here in Arica. Thank you so much all of you for your prayers and continual concern on my behalf. You are all wonderful. 

So Tuesday morning I tell elder Sunderland that we need to go to Sodimac which is like a south american Home depot. So we go to home depot and then I am over there scouting out to buy some wood. Yep you guessed it. We´re breaking boards! I tried to remember what in the world the wood was that dad bought when we did boards. I was pretty sure it was pine. Ha ha couldn't remember. So I buy some pine wood have the guy cut it and walk out of there with 10 boards for my district meeting. The whole zone met together.  So I just try to be full of excitement and energy for these people to get them excited about the work. We go into our room and then I explain the whole breaking boards analogy with the scriptures and the barriers that we face as missionaries  So then they all write on their boards and then we go outside to break them. So I teach them everything about how we need to break it and what we need to do and how they need to go full out and try to hit me in the chest or they will not break the board. So Elder Marsee he decides that he is going to go first. I am holding the board and he prepares up. Booom. Doesn't break. I am like oh shoot please break this board elder please break this board. He tries again. Nothing. I am thinking oh great now what are we going to do. He wants me to try. I am thinking to myself. Are you kidding? I did this when i was 12 years old. So i go full out. Boom. Doesn't break. I try again. I am thinking oh great. What did i do. I bought the wrong stuff. Kids are going to break their hands. My district meeting was a failure. Then the Hermana Cram who is this little Hermana from South Jordan Utah starts saying how maybe we should try and break the board a different way. I am thinking to myself oh Hermana please don't do anything I don't want to  hurt yourself  Then has a different elder hold it a different way and she tries it and breaks the stinking board!! Everyone was so shocked!! I was blown away. Immediately I said, well its obviously just our mindes because hermana cram just broke her board. Later Elder Quiro from argentina who took Tae Quan Doe broke his board the way that I showed him, and then Elder sunderland broke it the way hermana cram showed him. So then I am like, Alright I am not leaving here without breaking my board. (ps my board has like 3 massive knots in it) So Everyone is getting all excited trying to cheer me on and I literally go full speed. Full speed like I am going to break someone. And I hit my board and I hear a crack and the rest of the elders too. But it does not fall apart. I try more time. And I cannot break this stinking sucker. Ha-ha i decided I better stop before I fracture a bone in my hand. Ha-ha so 3 people had broken the board. But I am convinced that I probably bought the wrong wood. But everyone thought that it was the coolest thing ever. So thank you Dad. I gave all the compliments to you. They were thanking me and I just said, "yeah.. my dad is the coolest ever"

There were a bunch of Elders who were up here in Arica doing their paperwork for their visas and they had some problems so they had to stay with us for a night. So there were two elders from Iquique and one of them was Elder Tymczyszyn´s kid who he is training. I went with the other elder and that day we stinking went crazy. We found 8 news in like 5 hours and taught 6 lessons. The Lord was definitely guiding me that day as 2 of the new investigators were prepared perfectly. I had been contacting a street, and was going to turn to go to a different one, but the spirit told me to keep going down this street. So I kept going. And about 4 doors later this lady opens a door and says hello come in come in. So we go to her patio and she tells me that her neighbors boyfriend dies 5 days before and she was having a rough time. She asked us to teach them. So we taught them. The lady who let us in has been con vive.. shoot whats that word.. living with someone for 6 years and she is getting married on the 1st of Feb so she is perfect to get baptized. 

Later that week in the morning we were doing contacts and we had finished and were trying to decide what to do. Then the thought came to me that we should go this hermana who is reactivating in the church. So we went over there and she opens the door and tells us that she tried to call us yesterday but her phone didn't have anymore minutes so she was praying and praying to Heavenly Father to send us to her house so we could give blessings to her grand kids who were really sick and her daughter. So we gave them all blessings and shortly after they were all better. It was very cool. Sunday we had another experience with another hermana who was also sick. This week alone I gave 6 blessings to people who were in need of them. I have been thinking about what President Gottfredson about me being blessed to heal and help others through the priesthood  I have given so many blessings through my mission. It has been a wonderful experience to be able to help all of these people through the power of God. 

The other day as well we were walking past a street. Then I saw two lady's who were talking and then I felt impressed to go talk to them. They were both real nice and then I got their information and they both lived in the street were I talked to them. So then the next day in my morning prayers they had both come to my mind and I had felt like I needed to go visit them. So after one of our citas we went straight to that street but when we touched their doors they weren't there. I was confused. But then we kept going and then I saw this lady and I just felt impulsed forward to go talk to her. She then explained to be that she had assisted church in antofagasta and here in our ward like 3 times. She asked if we could come back another time, and I said sure then as we walked away she asked if we could return back that next day. So the next day we went back and we put a baptismal date with her for the 26th and later that day we took her to a baptismal service and she really liked it. 

Sunday was a day full of miracles. Sunday morning we went to our Columbian family friends and we just had about everything go right. They all came to church, and we brought many others as well. We had 10 investigators in church! We could have had 14 and there were honestly people who told us that they were going to go but Sunday morning some complications came up so we only brought 10.  It was so great. I felt so good. I broke my record. The new one to shoot for will be around 15 in think. But it was so great. I don't know why the Lord is blessing us here in this sector Pukarani. This sector is one that usually struggles and I was able to accomplish my goals and desires for this sector for the 4 weeks I was here. I am now leaving this sector with 8 Fechas and 14 progressing investigators. Transfers were on Saturday and I am now going to Re open Zapahuira B and train! I will continue as district leader and now move over to Zapahuira. I leave tonight for Antofagasta and then I will pick up my companion tomorrow! It was great to see Elder Sunderland and I finish as number 2 in the mission with the Celestial 7. I hope that my new comp is ready to work hard. I hope that you are all doing so well! I have been studying the life of the Savior and I have really come to understand more the love that he has for each and everyone of us! I hope that in some way or another each of us can remember Him and help others reach His help. I love you all so much. Have a great week! 

Love Elder Newman

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