Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello family!

Crazy to see a picture of the snow up there! Down here we are heating up by the day as we enter into summer. It is crazy how fast the time has gone, I am now 5 months as a missionary and it makes me sick to think that soon I will be at 6 months. Wow what a great week we had with a roller coaster of emotions. I have come to learn that a mission is like a roller coaster, one point you can feel like you are on top of the world and then the next you can be bummed for something that happened. However we continue to press forward with faith in Christ and work work work. 

Tuesday we were walking down the street and Elder Tym contacted this lady who was from Chicago and was here in Chile teaching english to the kids. I started to talk to her about the gospel in english and it was so hard. It was so hard to talk about the gospel in english to her and I found myself wanting to naturally transition back to spanish as that felt so much more comfortable. It was an odd experience. 

We found a great family of 3 who we taught Thursday night. Their names are Pretrufka, Francisco and Javier. Javier is the son, but we taught them the first lesson on Thursday night and it was so awesome. The spirit was so strong and as we left they hardly wanted us to leave, we reset an appointment with them and then later went and worked with some other potential baptismal candidates. We taught the family again on Saturday night about the book of Mormon and we hope that they will receive their answer about the truth of our message. They are golden and are so prepared to receive the gospel. 

On Friday we had a funny experience. So in our pension we have some really old mattresses that are old, so we have a family that we are teaching that does not have a bed for their kids to sleep on. Well they have a bed but its boards with sheets and clothes underneath as padding, so the kids sleep on that. Elder Tym decided that we were going to take these mattresses over to them and we carried these mattresses through the streets through the centro and everything it was funny people were giving us weird looks and I am sure they were wondering what on earth we were doing. 

I got a call from Elder Smith (my trainer) the other night. He is doing really good and informed me that he is back up from Copaipo and is in Iquique as my zone leader. I was pretty excited so i am sure we will do an exchange soon because I know he will want to come and visit this sector with me like old times. 

It was a great week! We have 2 baptismal dates right now for the 10th of November and we are hoping for 3-4 this month. Have such a great week! It is all true! Keep pressing forward with faith in Christ! Make a difference in the world by praying everyday for an opportunity to share the gospel! Love you all so much. 

Elder Newman

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