Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello family!

Hope you all are doing very well.  

This week was great, we worked our tails off, and good results came! Last monday when we were on exchanges I went with Elder Spoleman, he is on the other side of Iquique. We taught some less actives and a few members. The people are a bit nicer out side of the main downtown centro.

Tuesday we taught some new investigators and found this golden Investigator but then we found out he lives in alto hospisico which is a city on the hill just to the west of iquique. So we passed that reference over to them and we felt bad that He couldn´t be ours. We are teaching this guy gonzalo, on Tuesday night we taught Him the gospel of Jesus Christ and then set a baptisimal date with Him and He is going to be baptized this saturday! So we are so excited for that. He has been great with all of his committments and everything and he is getting really excited.

Thursday was a great day we had some incredible things happen. We taught a less active family and then were deciding what to do. I was trying to decide and then felt like we should stay up by the border of our sector and contact this specific street. Within the first few doors we knocked on that street we found two bolivians and we taught them the first lessson. It went very well. As we finished the lesson she asked if she could say a quick prayer. She prayed to God and thanked him for bringing this message to her and then she talked about her son who had passed away. As we continued talking to her she said that today was a special day because it was the birthday of her son who had passed away. She said that she normally never lets people in the house but that today was a special day. We taught her a bit about the plan of salvation after and then left. It was a great experience and a great blessing to understand and recognize how the Lord prepares the hearts of the people and how we were lead where we needed to go exactly when we needed to be there!

Thursday night i gave Elder Smith a blessing because he has been battling a cold and cough. Friday morning we were contacting and then found someone who spoke english. Haha she wanted to have us teach her in english so that is what we did. It was so weird teaching in English. Speaking of the language this week has gotten even better as far as langague. I am understanding more and more as I continue to strive to get better and progress. 

Friday night we went to another baptismal service in our zone and gonzalo came with us. Saturday we found 5 new investigators and then we got committments from some of our less actives to come to church.

Sunday we had Stake conference that morning and unfortunately only 1 of our investigators came. that is the hardest thing about the mission here is getting our investigators to church. We always eat lunch at members houses after church and we went with the Bishop after that to help him. Our bishop is great, the biggest thing we are trying to do is just structure the church like it is supposed to be.
Things are going wel here in Iquique! We are so excited for our baptism this week and cannot wait for that. We are having a white night so the whole zone will be doing our baptisms together. Have a great week family! I love and miss you all.

Elder Newman

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